Refrigerator Dual Zone Chamber, Constant Temperature Water Bath, Muffle Furnace, Vacuum Oven, Mumbai, India  
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Humidity Chamber
BOD Incubator
Photostability Chamber
Cold Chamber
Walk In Humidity Chamber
Deep Freezer
Bacteriological Incubator
Hot Air Oven


Who We Are What We Do What Distinguish Us Our Commitment Our Achievements Success
MACK PHARMATECH's success lies in Quality and Customer Service. MACK PHARMATECH keeps identity focus firmly on ceaseless R&D and manufacturing quality product with international standards. We offer the equipment with the best quality, yet cost-effective resulting nonstop increase in the list of satisfied customer for the past 13 years. Technology has been racing ahead and consequently we have been equipping and hiring service engineers with in-depth knowledge and a greater range of skills than ever before so that they can competently maintain today's sophisticated systems.

Attention to training endorses our commitment to service. Our engineers receive regular external training on new equipment. Support from in-house personnel with expertise in electronics, electrical and mechanical engineering, together with technical assistance from our calibration department ensure that our engineers have the ability to provide a professional maintenance and breakdown service for all types of plant and environmental test equipment.
Our Mission
To exceed customer expectation by delivering the Best Quality Product with Quality-Swift-Service. To adopt and devise advanced manufacturing techniques for ceaseless enhancement in quality and improvement in delivery performance. To supply technologically advanced product and to bid 24X7 service.
Our Vision
To be the leading manufacturer of Environmental Testing Equipment
Our Values
Customers are our highest priority since they are the cause and inspiration of the products. Customers' feedback is highly valuable since it leads to innovation & perfection. Exceeding customers' expectations is the way to be on the top. We do business with integrity. Play to the strength and analyze the weakness.
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